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I'm crying to Silent Night by Garth Brooks...

but i'm happy...lol

amazing 'eh?

I relize how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family

Jun. 10th, 2001

Why They Call It Falling
(Roxie Dean/Don Schlitz)

It�s like jumping, it�s like leaping
It�s like walking on the ceiling
It�s like floating, it�s like flying
Through the air
It�s like soaring, it�s like gliding
It�s a rocket ship you�re riding
It�s a feeling that can take you anywhere

So why they call it falling
Why they call it falling
Why they call it falling
I don�t know

There was passion, there was laughter
The first morning after
I just couldn�t get my feet to touch the ground
Everytime we were together
We talked about forever
I was certain it was Heaven
We had found

So why they call it falling
Why they call it falling
Why they call it falling
I don�t know

But you can�t live your life
Walking in the clouds
Sooner or later
You have to come down

It�s like a knife through the heart
When it all comes apart
It�s like someone takes a pin
To your balloon
It�s a hole, it�s a cave
It�s kinda like a grave
When he tells you that he�s found somebody new

So why they call it falling
Why they call it falling
Why they call it falling
Now I know
Now I know
I've stared at the keys for 1 minute. Not sure what ones to press. My mind races. And my eyes close. I'm angry, sad, mad, and all of the above again. one more day and then an hour until the last day of school. And on June 5th people sill gather around and celebrate my graduation. My head aches, and my body hurts. hmmm

I've been thinking about Mike. I love that boy to death. I still feel is body against mine, and his hand gently squeezing mine. I can see his eyes, and his smile...i just noticed something about myself. i make myself hurt. i plan pain for my heart.


Well, Chrissi came to pick me up..we went driving. We were originally going to go for a walk on trail in Willow Springs, but as some of you know its been raining here a lot. At first we weren't going to let that spoil it. We got out our walking sticks and started in our way. ^_^ Well, we started out okay, but when we got to a top of the hill, we were wet, and very very very muddy. However, when we got to the top, we didn't know how to get back down without killing ourselves. So we went down the wooded part of the trail, so we had the trees to hold on to to prevent from falling too hard. ^_^ We got back to the car and just drove home. Sometimes we were in silence, but we listened to the rain. It was so cool...and for a moment I was happy. ^_^

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